When to use IBISResearch?

IBISResearch provides a single portal to submit and track the following activities to the Office of Research Administration:

  • Proposal or Grant Application
  • Contract
  • Sponsored Agreement
  • Award Modification Request (Rebudget, No Cost Extension, PI Change, etc)

Federal Applications

IBISResearch will be used to route proposals for department review/approval and submission to Office of Research Administration (ORA). Once ORA reviews and approves the proposal, if the applications can be submitted electronically (System-to-System), ORA will submit directly to Grants.gov (with the exception of large complext projects, i.e., Program Projects or Center Grants.). Once submittted, the Principal Investigator and the study staff can track the submission in the system.  

Non-Federal Applications 

For those proposals that are not being submitted directly through Grants.gov, they will be created in IBISResearch, submitted for department review and approval and routed to ORA for review.  Once approved by ORA, the PI and/or study staff will submit to the sponsor directly.  

Please visit the "Submitting Contract for Review" page to view when to submit a contract for review through IBISResearch.

The education and resources page also has useful job aids and user guides regarding grants and agreements.