Top Five Things

top five


These are the Top Five Things a PI Needs to Know About IBISResearch.

1. How Do I Access IBISResearch?

All University of Miami employees have access to the IBISResearch system, and can log in using their CaneID and Password. The login is also available on the Home Page of the IBISResearch website. Once logged in users may navigate between the Grants and Agreements modules by clicking on the tabs on the top navigation bar.  


2. Why Would I Use IBISResearch?

IBISResearch is the University of Miami’s new Grants and Sponsored Agreements management system. It replaces InfoEd Proposal Development. It is used to develop, route and submit federal proposals electronically to (with the exception of large complex projects, i.e., Program Projects, Center Grants, etc.), set up awards, request award modifications, initiate and route for ancillary reviews (higher approvals), create, negotiate and track agreements, and create and track subawards.

IBISResearch also allows for the development and full electronic routing of non-federal proposals to the department for review and to the Office of Research Administration for review and approval, also. Once approved by ORA the PI or the administrator will submit the proposal to the non-federal sponsor.

The focus of IBISResearch is to reduce the administrative burden on faculty and to provide access and transparency into the status of applications, contracts/agreements, subawards, and award notifications.


3. When Do I Use IBISResearch?

IBISResearch provides a single portal to submit and track the following activities to the Office of Research Administration:

  • Proposal or Grant Application
  • Contract
  • Sponsored Agreement
  • Award Modification Request (Rebudget, No Cost Extension, PI Change, etc.


4. What Can I See In IBISReseach? 

Right now, you will be able to see all of your Active Awards which have migrated from Workday and a shell of the proposal that was submitted.  Once you start creating funding proposals (new applications), revisions, continuations and renewals, you will see those proposals in IBISResearch as well. You will also see new agreements you create in the system.  IBISResearch allows you to track the state or status of your funding proposal, award and agreement. 


5. Can I Update My Research Plan After the Proposal Has Routed?

We understand that the Principal Investigator may often be working on the science (Research Plan) after the  proposal is routed to ORA for approval.  Although IBISResearch requires all documentation to be uploaded in a proposal for routing to ORA, the science may be uploaded separately prior to submission to the Sponsor. Ensure that all documents routed to ORA that are not Final be named Draft. After the funding proposal is submitted for department review, the funding proposal and budgets are locked and may not be edited by the PI or the study staff (individuals with edit rights to the funding proposal). However, IBISResearch allows the Principal Investigator and study staff to update the science by using the Update the SF424 Research Plan activity on the Funding Proposal Workspace.